Baby Roy Updates!

Week 1 

Today is 08/25 Lainey, Kevin, and I have successfully made 51 jars of strawberry jelly tonight. We have a total of 195 orders to fill. We just posted this on Facebook yesterday! The gofund me account now has about 390.00 in it. We are getting donations left and right. 

Lainey and Kevin calculated the pounds of sugar per bag down to the teaspoon per jar...I have spent my entire paycheck on supplies for this. The people at Dollar Tree think I am absolutely nuts. 

We are so excited to start this journey and I am humbled by all of the love and support! 


Week 2

Today is 08/29 and we have made a total of 324 jars this week. We have gotten donations from friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers. The orders keep rolling in. I am BEYOND humbled.

Kevin and I went to a mexican restaurant to deliver jelly to a friend this week and a stranger stopped us and asked if we were the couple on Facebook that was trying to raise money for fertility. We were amazed that someone that barely knew us was following our story.  

Yesterday evening Lainey and I made deliveries and we were amazed at the amount of donations that were given. I also wrote up two new contracts this week through real estate... God is seriously blessing me from every direction. My Aunt Kathy, Maw Maw, Mom, Kevin's Dad, and my friend Cindy Miller helped us make jelly this past week. I wanted to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart! 

NEW JELLY! This week we are coming out with two different types of jelly. One being pepper jelly and the other blackberry jelly.  We have gone through 100 pounds of sugar and my house smells like the holidays all of the time. 

FERTILITY! As you can see from the picture my fertility needles and medicine came in. Ok Facebook friends...the needle for this is the size of a turkey injector. I have walked past this box a thousand times looking at the size of the needle over and over again. I am not starting injections until September 19th. Please pray for me. 

DELIVERIES! If you have not received your jelly for this week please inbox me with a delivery address. We have the orders ready we just will deliver them straight to you! Please continue to keep baby roy in your thoughts and prayers. 

Week 3

Birth control in full effect....I am emotional and pray for my husband. I have made numerous jars of jelly and I got a request for pickle jelly today...I thought I heard it all. I bought a gallon jar of pickles.

Last night I thought back to the foster baby that Kevin and I had. I got to thinking maybe God allowed this child in our lives so it would push me to have a child of my own. If it weren't for that foster baby I would not know what I was missing. 

Week 4

So this week has been eventful!  We made more jelly, and found out that the main medicine for my fertility treatment was overlooked.  I got another box full of injectible medicine in, and my mom thought it would be funny to play a joke on Kevin.  She told him that some of those injections are for him.... As soon as he walked in the back door, he got on the computer to google these medicines.  He approached me and told me that he had good news, and great news!  The good news is these medicines are strictly for me, and the great news is the needle that I have been sweating is for mixing up the medicine, not for the actual injection.  (I haven't made time to research these medicines, because I have been too busy stirring a pot of jelly!)  

Week 5

This week is the beginning of my treatment.  I started my injectable medicine on Saturday, September 19th!  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be!  I stopped taking the birth control pills, and I can already tell my body is changing!  It amazes me how one small white pill can change ones personality!  I am going to be monitored very closely so that these medicines don't cause me to over stimulate, which means a whole lot of blood work, and sonograms in my near future!   Doesn't matter, I will do whatever it takes to get me a sweet bundle of joy!

Week 6

This week has been so busy, and yet a blessing!  I have gone on several trips to the hospital for lab work, and sonograms!  I feel like a stuffed hen full of eggs!  (I am going to enclose a photo of my sonogram so you can see some of the eggs)  The pressure is REAL!  I didn't realize that sleeping in a fetal position would be uncomfortable....  That just lets me know that my body is responding very well to all the medicines that I am injecting!  Today, October 1st I went to the hospital for the harvesting of my eggs.  I have been warned that this procedure was going to be painful, and that I should expect to be laying low for a couple of days!  Well, GOD is so GOOD!  He has poured out yet another blessing on me, as I feel GREAT!  I am in no discomfort, and could practially be glowing even if I am currently pregnant in a dish!  My heart is full, and I cannot contain my excitement!  Life is GREAT!

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all of my supporters who have purchased jelly, it means so much that you have embraced our dream of becoming loving parents to a bundle of joy!  If you would like more jelly, you can now pick jars up at Bernard's Family Pharmacy in Watson, Julie Smith's Beauty Salon in Watson, or Mr. Marvin Grace's Barber Shop in Watson/Denham Springs.  These wonderful businesses have allowed us to sell our jelly in their store/shops!  We are so humbled, and amazed at how the jelly fundraiser has taken off!  We are now taking orders for Christmas, and I am going to enclose a picture of how the jellies are decorated for Christmas!  $5./jar makes a great gift,  and the money goes for a wonderful cause!  


Week 7

This week has been very exciting and yet very stressful!  I had the harvest procedure done on Thursday, October 1st.  My doctor was very pleased with the outcome. I had 10 eggs harvested, and of those 10 eggs, 8 were fertilized succesfully.  It was a long 3 days before they called me on that Sunday morning letting me know that 7 of the 8 eggs were still growing, and 2 of those eggs were the front runners of the bunch.  It was another 2 long days before they called me that Tuesday morning letting me know that they had send off for a biopsy of the front runner egg, and that tomorrow they were going to send the second front runner for a biopsy.  Our hearts were so excited, we were ready for this to happen.  Wednesday morning we woke up, and waited for the call.  We were delivering jelly to a friend of ours when the call came, and the news was not what we were wanting to hear.  The biospy came back abnormal, and the transfer would not be happening that day!  Kevin and I both were devestated.   I asked the nurse about the other biospy and she said that it had been sent off, and that the result wouldn't be in for another week.  She then told me that the rest of the fertilized eggs had quit growing and this happens sometimes.  So at this point, we are down to 1 egg, and we wouldn't know the results of the biospy for a week.  If I thought those 3 days or 2 days were long, I had to go an entire 8 days of not knowing the results.  Talk about nerve wracking!!!!  We prayed for Gods will to be done, and well He has had the wheel in this whole process.  


Week  8

This Wednesday didn't start like any other Wednesday.  My mom called me, and was in severe pain.  She needed to go to the emergency room for medical attention as she was having a gallbladder attack!  I got up immediately, got dressed, and was headed out the door when my Aunt Robin called me and said that she was going to be taking her to the hospital, just to meet them there because my moms pain had gotten worse, and she could no longer wait on me to come get her.  We met up as Oshners Hospital, and my mom was seen within 5 minutes of entering the door.  Everyone here has been so nice, and accomadating.  After she was seen by the doctor on call, and they did several test on her, her diagnosis came back that her gallbladder had to be removed.  She was then admitted to the hosiptal, and we waited for a surgeon to meet with her.  While we were waiting in her room, my phone rang.  I recogonized the phone number immediately, and was nervious about answering it!  It was the nurse that I spoke with last week, and she called asking me how I was doing.  I told her about mom, and what she was going through.  I then told her that my hope is she was calling me with GOOD news!  She told me that her phone call was going to be the highlight of my day, as she had wonderful news, that my egg biospy had come back normal, and that they were working on my fertility calendars.  She told me she will call me when they are ready, and I can come pick them up.  I started crying happy tears on the phone, as I was trying to let the realization of my dream sink in that its all coming true.  It just seems surreal!  They say good things comes to those who wait.  I would like to correct that statement.... Great things come to those who wait, and wait, and wait, and wait!  I wanted to tell Kevin this wonderful news, but I didn't want to call him.  So, I facetimed him on my phone.  He was upset when he saw me crying, and I was telling him that these were happy tears, and that our only egg biopsy came back normal, and that our dream of becoming parents will soon be a reality.  I could see the relief wash across his face, and the happiness immediately build in his eyes!  We are both over the moon happy about the end result, and our prayer now is that when this baby is transfered into my womb, it plants good, and begins to grow.  Our transfer date i am suspecting at this point without my calendars done could be as early as the first week in November.  I will updated this blog and keep everyone posted.  Please keep my mom in your prayers as she will be having surgery hopefully tomorrow, and continue to pray for us and baby Roy.  God is Great all of the time!  

We will be at Redeeming Life Ministries this Saturday, October 17th from 8am-Until!   This church is having a jambalaya cook-off, and will have arts, and crafts show.  They will have booths set up at no charge.  All they ask is that you make a contribution to the church for the booth.  We have decided to set up a booth for our jelly!  Come on out, and enjoy the jambalaya, and craft show!  They will have things for the kids to do, and I think I even heard there was going to be an allergator to pet!  

Week 9

Saturday went off without a hitch!  We got to Redeeming Life Ministries, and set our booth up with lots of jellies!  It turned out to be a really nice day!  That being said, we were told that the church had canceled the event, and then decided to carry out the event.  There weren't many booths set up, and very few people showed up.   This was my first craft/booth to ever have, so maybe it was a good thing it was kinda slow!  It was truly a learning experience, and we enjoyed meeting new people, and talking to the other people who had booths set up.  We ended up selling 50 jars of jelly, so I felt that it was a success!  We will be this Saturday at the Flea Market in Watson, so if you'd like to buy some jelly come on out and see us!  We will be there from 9am until the rain starts!  Hopefully it will hold off until 4pm!  

So today, Wednesday, October 21st (another Wednesday... I love Wednesdays!) we went to get our Fertility calendars from the hospital this morning at 10:00am.   We knew that this Wednesday would change our lives as we would learn the gender of our baby, and find out the transfer date!  I will be getting back on more drugs to get my body ready for the transfer of our normal egg!  We can now change the name of the normal egg to.... well, our DAUGHTER as we learned that "Its a GIRL!"  We are SO EXCITED about this as we had a baby girl, that was taken from us!   GOD is SO GOOD to US!  We have prayed through this whole process that HIS will BE DONE, and HE has BLESSED us with another BABY GIRL!!!!  It is going to be a long 10 months for me!  I already wonder and ponder what she will look like!  Our transfer date is December 2nd, and I have already tried to figure out when my due date will be!  It is kinda confusing because of the whole week in a dish you have to account for, so a rough estimate would be next August 18th!  I will be curious to see if my prediction is correct!  As we were driving home from the hospital, I look over at Kevin and he is just sitting there taken it all in!  He then told me that it really hasn't sank in yet, that he will have a daughter!  I told him that one day it will sink in really good when they hand him his daughter after she is born... Oh, how we pray for that day to arrive!  


Tonight, my friends Lainey Franklin and Ashley Fuller took me out to eat to celebrate!  I truly am blessed to have each of these girls in my life!  They are both special to me!  They took me to eat, and then suprised me with a beautiful chocolate cake from Rouse's.  They had the waiter serve it to us after our meal, and I have to tell you I never suspected this suprise!  It was so good!  Thanks girls, as you made the ending of this day I will never forget even more special!  :)  I have enclosed a photo of us at the restaurant with that yummy cake!  I highly recommend Rouse's cakes, they are so good!  


Week 10, 11, 12, and 13!  :)

Kevin Roy and I are proud to announce that we are in the process of adoption. We didn't want to say anything until we were sure that there was no chance that this beautiful little girl could ever be taken from us.   The last few weeks have been a blur as we have been busy doing our home study, and meeting with our attorney to start the private adoption process.  The birth mom has signed her surrender papers and she is legally ours!  She was born on November 1, 2015 at 5pm. Weighing in at 6 lbs. 8 oz. and 18.5 inches long. Her name is Kalyn Claire, and we got to name her. Our hearts are full, and we are happy beyond what words can describe. GOD is SO GOOD! HE has BLESSED us tremendously!   It is our prayer that we are able to give her a sister next August as we still plan on having our transfer on December 2nd!  I've made a video to introduce her to all of my friends and family. I am by no means a genius when it comes to video/song production. I hope that it plays, if it doesn't... I will simply post some photos in another post. :)


We now are also selling Apple Butter!   Mom and Brady came over and helped me put together baskets of jellies for Christmas!  If you are interested in buying one, please just inbox me on facebook, or text me!  I appreciate all of the support from everyone that has purchase jelly or apple butter.  I didn't realize that when I started this fundraiser it would take off like it has... I am completely thankful, and humbled at the support that I have received!  


Week 14

It is with a sadden heart that I write this post...  This morning at 8:35am I got a phone call from the Woman's Hospital.  The nurse called to let me know that our only egg had not survived the "thaw out" process.  Therefore, no transfer will happen today or ever.  It is real hard for me to believe that this has happened, and yet I just know that God has something good to come out of all of this.  Kevin and I have to believe that since we have shared our story of the fertility battle, that maybe God is trying to reach someone through our story.  Our story, His Glory!  Our story has a good ending with the fact that God placed Kalyn in our lives, and that taught me that your life can change in a day, and ours certainly did!    Nobody knows what tomorrows hope may bring... If God has something for you, beit a husband, wife, baby, child, job, anything... Nothing can get in His way of getting it to you.  Look at Kalyn, He allowed the right people in the right places, at the right time that lead her straight into our loving arms.   We are so grateful for her, and she will always be our miracle baby that was handed to us from God!   I would like to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers, as we truly appreciate each and everyone of them!   Much love to everyone!  <3, Kristy